About Us

A platform connecting current and former IBEC research and support staff


Since its foundation in 2006, IBEC has been growing and consolidating as a leading research center. This has only been possible thanks to the work, talent, commitment and motivation of each and every one of the people who are and have been part of IBEC’s big family.

More than 600 researchers, students, technicians and administrative staff have passed through IBEC since 2006. Many of these people are now developing their career in leading academic institutions and industries all over the world. These are the IBEC alumni.

IBEC’s alumni is an important and growing group with valuable knowledge and experience. They have huge potential to create a useful network of support, not only for IBEC but also for the entire scientific community.

The main goals of the IBEC Alumni Network are:

  • To provide a directory and a platform of dialogue between IBEC and its alumni
  • To coordinate and promote programs and activities that boost scientific development, as well as professional and social interactions
  • To provide training and services to all members of the IBEC Alumni Network
  • To disseminate and celebrate the contributions of IBEC Alumni to the international scientific scene
  • To disseminate the work of IBEC in the field of bioengineering among the international scientific community
  • To contribute to identifying and recruiting future IBEC students and researchers; and thus, ensuring the quality and impact of future IBEC Alumni


Benefits of joining include:

  • Free access to events organized by IBEC (symposium, training courses, etc)
  • Speaker and networking opportunities at alumni seminars throughout the year
  • Alumni workshops held at IBEC
  • The IBEC Alumni Association mailing list: a communication tool for all IBEC alumni
  • LinkedIn network with up-to-date profiles of alumni, as well as IBEC information such as news and jobs
  • IBEC alumni webpage with information on the association and people profiles
  • Hear about alumni news and success stories, and keep in contact with each other


The IBEC Alumni Network is open to everybody (researchers and support staff) who has spent more than three months at IBEC.


IBEC has made great achievements since it was founded in 2006. Think now what we can achieve if we stay connected!


Join the IBEC Alumni Network and help us find our lost alumni. Please also let your friends and former colleagues know about us.