Connecting talent,
inspiring generations

Since its foundation in 2006, IBEC has been growing and consolidating as a leading research center. This has only been possible thanks to the work, talent, commitment and motivation of each and every one of the people who are and have been part of IBEC’s big family.

We want to continue growing together.


  • Priority Access to event information: Be the first to receive information about events organized by IBEC.
  • Networking and Speaking opportunities: Participate in exclusive alumni seminars and workshops throughout the year.
  • Communication and Connection tools: Use the IBEC Alumni Association mailing list and LinkedIn network to stay updated with news, job opportunities, and alumni profiles.
  • Alumni news and Success stories: Stay informed about alumni news and achievements, and keep in touch with the community.

Be part of the IBEC ALUMNI Community

The IBEC Alumni Network is open to everybody (researchers and support staff) who has spent more than three months at IBEC.


The main goals of the IBEC Alumni Network are:

  • Facilitate Communication and Connection: Provide a directory and a platform for dialogue between IBEC and its alumni.
  • Promote Scientific and Professional Development: Coordinate and promote programs and activities that enhance scientific development and professional and social interactions.
  • Offer Training and Services: Provide training and services to all members of the IBEC Alumni Network.
  • Highlight Contributions and Achievements: Disseminate and celebrate the contributions of IBEC alumni to the international scientific community.
  • Promote IBEC’s Work: Spread awareness of IBEC’s work in bioengineering among the international scientific community.
  • Attract and Recruit Future Talent: Contribute to identifying and recruiting future IBEC students and researchers, ensuring the quality and impact of future IBEC alumni.

Wherever you are in the world…

…we want to hear from you!

Write to us at alumni@ibecbarcelona.eu with any questions regarding the IBEC Alumni Network.
Also, please send us your scientific achievements and success stories, and we’ll celebrate and disseminate them.

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